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Immigration Attorney in North Clackamas

Are you or a family member in need of legal assistance? Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law is here for you. He’s an experienced criminal defense attorney and immigration attorney who proudly serves people in North Clackamas with the legal representation they need. Some of the criminal cases he represents include theft, DUII, measure 11, drugs, and sexual harassment. And as an immigration attorney, he helps clients with immigration bonds, DACA, cancelation of removal, and VISA petitions, seeing success helping many families. Need assistance claming unpaid wages or are you experiencing minimum wage violations? Robert L. Sepp is also highly experienced in employment law. If you believe your employer has wronged in you in any way, he can represent your case. Contact the office of Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.


Defense Attorney In North Clackamas

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