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Robert Sepp Attorney at Law Specializes in Measure 11 defense in Portland Beaverton Hillsboro Gresham and Salem ORRobert L Sepp is a leading Measure 11 criminal defense attorney serving the entire metro Portland OR area. In 1994 the citizens of Oregon passed the initiative; Measure 11. Measure 11 requires  mandatory minimum sentences for several crimes. Measure 11 charges are serious felonies and carry sentences that range from a low end of 5 years 10 months, up to 25 years to life in prison.


In Oregon, Assault is defined as intentionally or recklessly causing injury to someone else, intentionally placing another person in reasonable danger of physical injury, or touching another individual with the intent to injure. If convicted of 1st Degree or 2nd Degree Assault get a minimum of 7 years, 6 months in prison.


Individuals convicted of 1st or 2nd Degree Kidnapping in Oregon will serve a minimum of 7 years 6 months, and 5 years 10 months respectively. Crimes that fall under Oregon’s Measure 11 Statute do not receive reduced sentences for good behavior, and if convicted they are not eligible for reduced sentences.


Being charged with 1st degree sexual abuse or Sex Abuse I in Oregon needs to be addressed immediately by an experienced and gifted criminal defense attorney. Individuals convicted of this Measure 11 offense will serve a minimum of 6 years and 3 months in prison. You will serve the entire seventy-five (75) months. In addition to any time you spent incarcerated in a county jail.


Due to the sensitive nature of rape or sex abuse or sodomy charges, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced sex crimes attorney. If you or someone you know is in need of a sexual assault or sex crimes defense attorney in the Beaverton, Portland area, Robert Sepp is here to help. In order to successfully combat rape and sexual assault charges, you need an attorney who is familiar with and comfortable defending those falsely accused of sex crimes to ensure a your fair shot at acquittal or a significantly reduced sentence.


Both 1st or 2nd Degree Robbery charges are Measure 11 offenses. 1st and 2nd degree robbery come with mandatory sentences of 100 months (in some cases as many as 300 months) and 75 months respectively.  Under Measure 11, the presumptive sentences are pre-determined and non-negotiable.

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Measure 11 Bail Reduction

Just being arrested and charged with a Measure 11 crime will have a very serious negative impact on a person’s life. In Oregon, people charged with a Measure 11 offense will have a difficult time being released before trial. Bail is usually set at $250,000 or more. This high bail applies to first time offenders as well as anyone that is 15 years old or older. There are provisions within the law that allow reducing the amount bail is set at, as your lawyer Robert  L. Sepp will work diligently, on your behalf, to get a bail reduction allowing for pre trial release.

Measure 11 Escape Clause

If you or someone you know is facing an Oregon Measure 11 criminal charge it is vitally important that you have legal representation that is experienced with Measure 11 defense immediately. There are escape clauses within the Oregon Measure 11 guidelines that will allow a judge to make some exceptions in the way a measure 11 case is handled. Robert L. Sepp Attorney at Law is an aggressive lawyer that is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Measure 11 cases and Measure 11 escape clauses.

Defending Measure 11 Cases

Robert L. Sepp Attorney at Law will fight for your rights from the very beginning and throughout the serious and confusing Measure 11 process. Pre-charge representation, reducing charges from Measure 11 status, bail reduction hearings, trial and sentencing; Robert Sepp will  guide you through to your best possible outcome.

Measure 11 Crimes and Measure 11 Sentencing

Measure 11 sentences are non-negotiable and a person convicted of a measure 11 crime will serve all of the sentence with no early release or time off for good behavior . Additionally, anyone over the age of 15 facing a Measure 11 crime will be tried as an adult and face the same penalties.

Oregon Measure 11 Crimes

Measure 11 Minimum sentence


25 years

1st degree Manslaughter

10 years

2nd degree Manslaughter

6 years, 3 months

1st degree Assault

7 years, 6 months

2nd degree Assault

5 years, 10 months

1st degree Kidnapping

7 years, 6 months

2nd degree Kidnapping

5 years, 10 months

1st degree Rape

8 years, 4 months

2nd degree Rape

6 years, 3 months

1st degree Sodomy

8 years, 4 months

2nd degree Sodomy

6 years, 3 months

1st degree Unlawful sexual penetration

8 years, 4 months

2nd degree Unlawful sexual penetration

6 years, 3 months

1st degree Sexual abuse

6 years, 3 months

1st degree Robbery

7 years, 6 months

2nd degree Robbery

5 years, 10 months

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