Car keys next to drink and gavel. Robert L Sepp talks about what happens when you get a DUI in Portland OR.Getting arrested for driving under the influence is a unique experience, and situational variations can make it that much more complicated. If you’ve recently been arrested for a DUI in Oregon, consulting with a DUI Defense Attorney can help prepare you for what’s coming next.

Arrested and Charged with DUI

If you are pulled over and an officer determines that you have been driving under the influence, they will arrest you and take you into custody. It’s important to remember that once you are in police custody, you have a right to remain silent, and you have a right to legal counsel. If you already have a lawyer on retainer, now is a good time to call them.

DMV Hearing and License Suspension for a DUI in Oregon

After being released from jail, you have ten days to challenge your license suspension, and this is done by requesting a DMV hearing. If you have not consulted a DUI Attorney upon arrest, this is another great opportunity to hire a lawyer, or at least contact a DUI attorney for a consultation. While we can’t make legal recommendations, it’s very unlikely that you will win a DMV hearing without a lawyer. If you’re worried about losing your license because of your job or other obligations, a DMV hearing is the only way to prevent license suspension. It is difficult to win a DMV hearing, but it is possible in some specific cases.

Arraignment Hearing for Being Charged with DUI

Every case is different, but they all begin with an arraignment hearing. This is your first court appearance, and most arraignments are held within 96 hours of the arrest. You may have been released just after arrest, but this is an official declaration of your rights, your bail, and release conditions. There is no plea bargaining for a DUI in Oregon. You can plead guilty, plead not guilty, and go to trial or file a diversion petition.

  • If you plead guilty: You will be sentenced immediately.
  • If you plead not guilty: You will proceed into the trial process.
  • If you file a diversion petition: You will proceed with Oregon’s DUII Diversion Program, which includes fines and rehabilitation programs.

We cannot offer legal recommendations without understanding your full legal case, but it is highly advisable to obtain a lawyer for your arraignment. An experienced DUII attorney can recommend the best course of action, and any potential legal complications.

DUI Trial and Court Case

If you plead not guilty, you will move forward with a trial. The prosecutor will present your DUI defense attorney with “discovery”, or the evidence that they will present at trial. In most cases, there will be a preliminary hearing, where a judge decides whether or not there’s enough evidence to prosecute.

Most DUI cases do not move beyond this preliminary hearing. If for any reason your case does move beyond the preliminary hearing, you’ll begin preparing for a trial.

The Importance of an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Oregon, please consider calling Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law. His expertise can guide you through this difficult time. An experienced and aggressive lawyer, he has successfully protected the rights of many of his clients and has had many of his clients’ DUII charges dismissed or reduced.

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