Man holding pen to document. Robert L Sepp talks about when to call a DUI attorney if you're facing DUI in Portland OR.Getting a DUI (DUII in Oregon) can be an overwhelming whirlwind. Once you have been pulled over and arrested, it can be difficult in the moment to determine what your next step should be, and when to call a DUI Attorney. By understanding your rights and the types of representation available to you, you may have a better chance at reduced penalties.

Your Rights After a DUI

DUI law is complicated, and Oregon’s DUI laws can have different consequences for different levels of offense. The crucial thing to remember is that you have a right to an attorney right away. When you are arrested, you are considered in custody, and you have a right to an attorney at any time.

If you request an attorney, the police have to stop questioning you until your lawyer arrives. If you’re concerned about implicating yourself in a further crime, or if your drunk driving caused an accident, you should call a local DUI attorney immediately.

When to Call a DUI Attorney for a DMV Hearing

After being released from jail, you have ten days to request a DMV hearing to challenge your license suspension. If you have not consulted a DUI Attorney upon arrest, this is another opportunity to hire a lawyer. While we can’t make legal recommendations, it’s very unlikely that you will win a DMV hearing without a lawyer. If you’re worried about losing your license because of employment, a DMV hearing is the only way to prevent license suspension.

Types of DUI Representation Available

There is another opportunity to consult with a DUI attorney: before your trial. You can choose any number of options, including:

  • No Lawyer: Again, we cannot give you legal counsel without knowing the full extent of your case, but it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to represent yourself and also get reduced penalties or jail time during your sentencing.
  • Public Defender: You have the right to a public defender, and depending on your financial situation, this may be the only viable option for you. Just remember that public defenders are involved in a lot of cases, and they are most likely not specialized in DUI law.
  • Private Lawyer: Choosing private legal representation may cost more, but it may also save you valuable time and money. Because an experienced DUI defense attorney practices many similar cases to yours, they know DUI laws, regulations, and penalties inside and out. There is no guarantee that a private DUI attorney can reduce or eliminate penalties, but it is your best chance.

Questions to Ask a Potential DUI Defense Attorney

There are some basic questions that can help you determine who to hire as a DUI attorney, including:

  1. How many DUI cases have you represented this year?
  2. Are you a former DUI prosecutor?
  3. How many cases were you able to reduce penalties for?
  4. How familiar are you with the process of a DUI case?
  5. What are your fees?

When looking for a DUI attorney, remember: the more questions you ask, and the better you understand their process and experience, the better equipped you’ll be for your trial.

Experienced Local DUI Attorney

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and well-practiced local DUI lawyer, please consider calling Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law. An experienced and aggressive lawyer, he has successfully protected the rights of many of his clients and has had many of his clients’ DUII charges dismissed or reduced. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, it’s very important that you find a drunk driving attorney that has the same level of experience and expertise to guide you through this difficult time.

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