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Robert Sepp wage and hour Attorney in Portland Beaverton Hillsboro Gresham and Salem ORAttorney Robert L. Sepp represents Oregon Wage and Hour Claims, Unpaid Overtime, Minimum Wage Payment, Payroll Deductions, Overdue Wages.

There are few areas of Oregon law that are more routinely misapplied than Oregon’s Wage and Hour Laws. Employers constantly violate this area of the law without ever knowing that they are in violation. Why? Because employers do not know the law and employees are unaware of their rights under Oregon law. This is exacerbated by the fact that a growing number of employers are outsourcing their payroll departments. Many times to payroll companies that are not fully experienced with Oregon’s wage and hour laws.

The solution, seek the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. As an employee, you could be entitled to unpaid wages, penalties, interest and if you are forced to sue your employer for violating Oregon’s wage and hour laws you may be entitled to an award of attorney’s fees. Some employees don’t fully understand their rights and that is where we invite you to contact our office to set up a free consultation to explore the merits of your case and how Oregon’s labor laws pertain to your unique situation.

Generally speaking, under Oregon’s wage law an employer must pay all wages due and owed to an employee who gave more than 48 hours notice, excluding holidays and weekends, before quitting, by the end of the employees last day. If the employment was terminated by the employer, in other words you were fired, the wages become due no later than the end of the next business day, and if you quit without giving 48 hours prior notice the wages become due by the end of the fifth business day following the day you quit. An Oregon employer who fails to follow the time limitations set forth in ORS 652.140 can end up owing the employee penalty wages.

Oregon wage law is clear when protecting the rights of Oregon employees when it comes to payroll deductions. The general rule is that employers can not deduct any money, for any reason unless the deduction is authorized by law (e.g. State and Federal taxes) or where the employee has given written authorization (e.g. medical insurance). That means employers can not lawfully deduct wages from your paycheck to recoup over-payments on prior paychecks, or to recover losses attributed to the employee without the employees prior written authorization.

The answer to your individual wage claim issue may be found on this site or by following one of the provided links. If not and you still have wage, hour, or an employment law related question, feel free to call his office and set up a confidential employment law consultation.

Wage and hour Attorney, Robert L. Sepp, handles the following type of wage claims:

  • Unpaid overtime wages
  • Minimum wage underpayment
  • Commission payments
  • Late or no wage payment
  • Wage and payroll laws in Oregon
  • Final pay – termination or voluntary
  • Unauthorized or wrongful payroll deductions
  • Unpaid vacation or personal time
  • Independent contractor payments
  • Employment labor laws for Oregon
  • FSLA
  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • Federal Overtime Laws

Wage and Hour Law Claims in Oregon

If you feel that you have earned wages in the State of Oregon that your employer has yet to pay, Robert L. Sepp Attorney at Law may be able to help you recover all your wages, plus additional penalty wages. Under Oregon’s wage law, an employer can be liable for penalty wages in the amount of the employees regular rate of pay times thirty days. In all overtime, late payment and minimum wage claims, penalties can be obtained. In some cases you can maintain a claim for wages even if you have already been paid earned wages, if that wage payment did not conform to Oregon’s wage and hour laws.

Penalty calculation – in this case we used $10 as hourly pay.

($10 per hour)(8 hours)(30days) = $2,400.00 Penalty

Whether you are hourly, salaried are owed unpaid commissions, vacation pay, personal time off (PTO) or are concerned that deductions from your paycheck were wrongfully withheld, Call Mr. Sepp today to set up a wage claim consultation to discuss the merits of your case.

Oregon laws allow for awarding attorney fees in addition to any unpaid wages and penalty wages. Because of this, Robert L. Sepp Attorney at Law does not charge up-front attorney fees for wage claims. Mr. Sepp handles employment wage and hour claims on a contingent fee basis, which means if you don’t get paid, Mr. Sepp doesn’t get paid. Unless you case settles or you win in court, you do not pay any of Mr. Sepp’s attorney fees, no matter how many hours he has worked on you case.

It is precisely because the amount of unpaid wages in most wage claims is not very large that Oregon wage law includes provisions for penalty wages and attorney’s fees. Do not think that your claim has no merit because the amount of unpaid is to small to warrant legal attention. That is simply not the case. Robert L. Sepp firmly believes that all Oregon employees are entitled to receive payment for each and every hour that they have worked. In fact Mr. Sepp has represented several clients where the amount of unpaid wages was approximately $60.00.

We invite you to call our office, or fill out our form to schedule a no obligation assessment of your wage claim here in Oregon.

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