Theft Defense Attorney

Theft defense charges in Oregon are considered a very serious matter. These crimes can and often do lead to mandatory minimum prison sentences. While most identity theft charges stem from using other peoples social security numbers, bank accounts, checks or credit cards to purchase goods and services, identity theft charges can take on many different forms. Robert Sepp, Attorney at Law, helps protect the constitutional rights of his clients facing allegations of forgery or forgery charges.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft Law Attorney in Portland OR and Beaverton Oregon

One of the most common theft crimes in Oregon is Identity Theft.  As of 2007, Oregon ranked the 13th highest of any state when it comes to identity theft.  As such, this crime ranks is one of the most common “white collar” crimes in Oregon.


Forgery Charge Law Attorney in Portland OR and Beaverton Oregon

Forgery is a serious offense, and dependent on the severity of the actions. Defendants can be charged with a single count, or multiple counts in Oregon.  Single counts often stem from forging a check or opening an account in someone’s name.


Theft Charge Lawyer in Portland OR and Beaverton Oregon

Robbery is a serious offense, and even more serious when a weapon is involved. It’s critical that you to hire a robbery lawyer who possesses the knowledge and expertise with the laws and consequences associated with robbery.

The penalties in Oregon are stiff for theft related charges. Depending on the nature of the crime committed, the charges levied against you, and past history, sentences  can range from probation and a fine to months or even years in jail or prison. On top of that, a theft related conviction can cause you to loose some of your civil rights as well as bar you from future employment opportunities in some fields.

If you or someone you know is facing a forgery trial, you need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who knows the Oregon court systems to uphold your reputation — and protect your freedom. Contact Attorney Robert L. Sepp today to confidentially discuss your legal options.


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